Read an excerpt written by Eric Reguly and Karen Zagor from an article appearing in The Globe and Mail'sSaturday Travel Edition entitled "Nature Superior", which highlightes the authors' travels around the North shore of Lake Superior:

".....The next morning, we waved hello and goodbye to Pancake Bay, perhaps the most glorious stretch of unbroken white sand beach and sparkling blue water along the whole north shore. We had camped at the provincial park at Pancake Bay two years earlier and the kids begged to stop for a swim.

Instead, we bribed them with the prospect of gifts at the Agawa Indian Crafts store. The store is a treasure trove of native goods: dream catchers, jewellery, moccasins, flutes, dolls, leather bags, bows and arrows. The new toys helped keep the kids quiet for the next leg of the trip.

The drive for the next 150 kilometres or so was bliss — open, twisting roads winding up and down the cliffs skirting the lake. There were few trucks, fewer cars and no cops in sight, so the speedometer was firmly placed in triple-digit territory. Just before the road turned inland to Wawa, we stopped for lunch at Old Woman Bay.

Old Woman is the quintessential Lake Superior bay: sheer, dark rock edged by deep-green trees dropping straight down to the water. Although a dozen cars were already in the parking lot, the beach felt almost empty. We found an isolated picnic bench, then spent a happy hour hunting for rocks and driftwood that the kids could use for magic wands."

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